I'll show my true self, My believes with honesty and heart, Enjoy.


“Destiny has two ways of crushing us… by refusing our wishes…and by fulfilling them”

—    Henri Frederic Amiel


I dont have faith in much but I have faith in us

My true fortune…

Don’t give me a watch
Give me your time

I’ll Can give you the moon
on a keyshane

Don’t buy me a camera
Give me moment to remember

I won’t punch someone for you
But I will fight for you.

Don’t give me a ring
Give me a promise you will keep

I don’t need you to take me to mars
Just watch the stars with me.

I don’t care if you run to me
I just want you there

I don’t believe in any religion
But I pray for you.

Don’t give me pain
Give me tears of joy.

You don’t need a super power of a cape
because you save me every day.

I don’t care that I’m rich cause
My true fortune is you .


It all because of you… and more.

Every since I met you
Im heather
I eat less grease
So my heart won’t miss a beat when I’m with you

I dance, badly
but happy
Since it is a way of showing emotion
Is one of the many ways I try to say how I feel for you

I drink water
since you make me thirsty for more
I would run a mile
Just to keep up and be next to you.

I would watch scary movies
Just to have another reason to be tight in your arms
I would jack your computer
Just to have a chance to leave my love notes

I can buy more watches
to keep the time we spend together
I could break many clock
to get a chance to stop time when we are together

I can go to the stars
since you kiss takes me there.
I’ll give you the moon
or maybe a picture as wall post.

I eat take you to the store
so you show me what better
so you can make me healthier
since that way I will  have more time for us together.

You are my last though at night
till you enter my dreams
you are the first this I see in the morning
since you became my light.

I might be annoying
might be too hyper for you
But I’m not going anywhere
I’ll right beside you. 

I wish for you…

I wish for you the best
The best heartbreak
Something that will hurt you
As bad as you hurt me

I wish you the best
The best betrayal
Something that will inspire
A literary master piece

I wish you the best
The best fuck of your life
Tell you in bed you suck
Never in a good way

Because if what you do was a crime
You would be in the most wanted
Seeing your everyday lie
Is an “Oscar worthy performance”

So of my sins I’m rid off and
Hate is an ugly emotion
So I only wish for you
The best

By:Kiara Mendez Rosario

Lets Be.

You don’t fall
But I’m still here to catch you
You don’t believe in love
But as my lover I have you

You rather date the many
I rather just date you
You choose sex
While I cuddle in bed

It does not matter
I still have you
You are my opposite
But I still want you

I’m day
You are night
But when we collide
Magic ignites

Because I rather have you
By my side
Then be alone
In this cold night

I rather scream
Of pain of a heartbreak
Then cry for the love
We never gave.

By Kiara Mendez Rosario

(Source: , via still--screaming--xo)

The circus we called world

As we walk to the day, to the same stage again.
We hold hand at first, because no one can see.
We are lovers but people talk, you can hear them whispering our names.
As we walk to the day, to the same stage again.

We put on a good show, because we know very well that we should pretend.
The curtain closes, as we become closer as if we were one.
As we walk to the day, to the same stage again.
We want to be free to feel, because we don’t like this fear. 

They know, and they dare to point us out all the light.
As we walk to the day, to the same stage again
We are leashes and in cages, because we love.
Because according to them we are the freaks in this show.

By: Kiara Mendez Rosario 

La pasion de mi corazon
Ell rojo pasion que traen mis mejillan
Cada vez que te miran
Es algo magico

No lo define un idioma
traspasa bareras linguisticas
ya que para mi corazon no hay idioma
en el cual no pueda expresar mi amor Por ti.

By: Kiara Mendez Rosario